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Vol. 3 (2022): Reverting the Gaze: Resisting Humanism & Hegemony in the West

Building canada on Our Barbarized Backs

July 30, 2021


In this article, I identify and analyze the intersections of propaganda circulated throughout two textual objects connected to my experiences of alienation with the care agency organization L’Arche Canada, and my subsequent assimilation into settler colonial belonging via canadian citizenship eligibility. The first textual object is L’Arche Canada’s anti-racism statement (2020). The second is the Discover Canada citizenship knowledge test study guide (2021). In my analysis, I reveal a common policy of barbarizing racialized migrants in the interest of criphomonationalism. Specifically, I indict L’Arche Canada as an auxiliary of the criphomonationalist canadian settler state, which valorizes desirable (read white) disabled and queer Others, on the backs of Third World care workers who are circulated as nondisabled, cishet, hateful, and disposable.