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Vol. 3 (2022): Reverting the Gaze: Resisting Humanism & Hegemony in the West

Aging Flower: Giving Back to Those Who Raised Us

June 13, 2022


Drawing on my lived experiences with caregiving for my aging grandma, the following short story explores what day-to-day life looks and feels like for youth in caregiving roles. Evoking bitter-sweet emotions, my words familiarize readers with the reality many young caregivers face. Stereotypical ideologies regarding caregiving for elders primarily focus on the physical aspects of providing care, and while I engage these aspects, such as managing my grandma’s medication, I also emphasize the emotional burden that both aging elders and young caregivers face, highlighting the importance of establishing a healthy routine in which both parties have their needs met. Further, I not only examine the hardships of being a young caregiver, but the positivity and joy I try to find from my responsibilities. I subtly bring attention to small details when describing the relationship between my grandmother and me. The simplicity and sweetness in our bond, fills my life with wholeness in a way that makes caregiving meaningful. Even though caregiving as a young adult brings with it many challenges, especially when managing the twists and turns of life, I have found there is always light within the darkness, beauty within the aging flower.