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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a publication fee for submitting to New Sociology?

There are no fees associated with submitting to or publishing in New Sociology

What type of papers does New Sociology accept?

New Sociology welcomes publications that make original theoretical, creative, or empirical contributions to the field of sociology and related disciplines. In alignment with our commitment to social justice, New Sociology aims to provide an avenue for non-white, trans, femme, queer, and disabled under/graduate students, creatives, and community organizers to disseminate their work to a wide and diverse audience.

In addition to academic articles, our Liminal Grounds section will publish alternative works such as textual and visual media, reflection papers, and political commentaries, as well as poems, reflective essays, comics, interviews, short stories and photographic essays. 

Submissions should be social justice orientated, broadly defined, and align with our goal of critical praxis.

Who can publish in New Sociology?

New Sociology prioritizes the contributions of graduate students, independent scholars, activists, community organizers, creatives, and artists, but will consider submissions from post-docs and academic professionals. Further priority is given to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colours (or those who identify as non-white), as well as trans, disabled, queer, and femme contributors. Both white authors (regardless of background) and undergraduate students (regardless of race) are discouraged, yet not prohibited, from submitting academic articles, but are encouraged to submit to the Liminal Grounds section. 

What is the editorial process?

Academic Articles

All manuscripts submitted to New Sociology will undergo a double-blind peer review. Manuscripts will first be reviewed by the EIC of New Sociology. Next, selected articles will then be sent to peer reviewers (current or past graduate or post-doctoral students, faculty members, creatives, community organizers, or former authors) with relevant expertise. Reviewers will then work independently and provide a decision (i.e. Revise and Resubmit, Accept with Minor or Major changes, or Reject) regarding the publication of the manuscript, which will be taken into consideration by the New Sociology editorial board. Contributors should anticipate getting "Revise and Resubmit" as their first few responses. 

Please note: the above editorial process does not pertain to the inaugural issue of New Sociology. For further information on the matter, please contact our senior editorial staff at 

Liminal Grounds 

For our Liminal Grounds section, we use a roundtable editorial review process wherein a subcommittee comprised of select editorial board members review all submissions and then make editorial decisions together at a board meeting. For more information on the subcommittee, please refer here.

Please note, some of the larger written submissions to our Liminal Grounds section may be subjected to a double blind peer review process prior to being reviewed by the subcommitee. This is done in order to provide a smother revision process for more time-heavy pieces. In particular, the EIC may elect to have reflection papers, political commentaries, and visual or photographic essays that are 500 words or more undergo a double-blind peer review process prior to the roundtable editorial review. Authors will be notified if their piece is sent to an external reviewer(s).

Book Reviews

All book reviews are openly reviewed by our Editor-in-chief (EIC) in a one-on-one editing process. Book reviews can be on any book of the author's choosing, but must not exceed 2-pages, double spaced, not including the abstract, references, author biography, or any other secondary material. 

Can I re-publish my paper in another journal after it has been accepted in New Sociology?

Articles accepted and published in New Sociology cannot be re-published in another journal. 

How do I submit an article?

Please submit all articles online through the New Sociology website. Prior to submission, ensure your article follows the guidelines outlined on the Submission Guidelines page. 

If I am interested in reading the articles published in New Sociology, how do I do that?

All articles published in New Sociology will be available electronically and our website contains an archive of articles from all previous issues. 

How would I cite an article published in New Sociology?

Authors must be fully attributed when citing an article in New Sociology. 

What is the format for citations in manuscripts?

Authors must follow the APA 6th citation style of referencing when citing sources.

Can I become a peer reviewer?

Of course! New Sociology is interested in building a network of devoted, passionate and knowledgeable peer reviewers. The Peer Review page outlines the necessary steps to become a peer reviewer with New Sociology.

Who can I contact for more information?

For any other inquiries concerning New Sociology, please contact our senior editorial board members at