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Vol. 1 No. 1: June 2020

Exploring the Boundaries of Critical Pedagogy

June 26, 2020


This visual essay attempts to evoke an aesthetic and affectual entry into the social-spatial terrains I navigate as a Black man and graduate student in Southwestern Ontario. I arrange the relationship between photographs of a factory in my hometown and short reflections into three scenes: The first scene touches on the racial and colonial violence that lingers and manifests in academia, as illustrated through my personal experiences. The essay moves to a second scene, touching on the settler-colonial legacy of the factory, as well as reckons with the anti-colonial implications of photographing the demolition and the troubling of subject-object relationships. The last scene emphasizes that, despite pedagogical efforts, the residue of racial and colonial violence in academic settings will still have some degree of impact on racialized students. Critical pedagogues must contend with the reality that racialized students, by virtue of being and existing in academic spaces, embody a pedagogy that could potentially disrupt and deconstruct learning environments into transformative, radical, respectful and caring spaces.